The JN Sunset is simply the ultimate medium and light wind weapon that provides all the features and characteristics to get riding a bit earlier. It gets you on the plane early, has outstanding upwind ability and excellent grip.

The Sunset has a flat scooped rocker line and a distinctive outline with a concave shape in the centre section of the board. This makes for early planing, outstanding upwind ability and excellent grip.

Having more of the edge in the water, it feels like you’re using an additional fin. In light conditions, where kiting with a normal board is hard work, you can shoot upwind and maximise the fun you have on the water. The board is also particularly beneficial to heavier riders.

We have completely redesigned our inserts to make them correctly spaced to allow use of most popular wake bindings.

Low weight construction:

- Paulownia Woodcore = 300g lighter per board than cottonwood/poplar
- 5mm ABS sidewalls
- Triaxial fibreglass and carbon construction
- Slight concave
- Ergonomic 3D comfort pads
- High end injection moulded fins

138 x 42cm
142 x 43cm
146 x 44cm



Sarah Sylvester JN Prima Donna 5