We have an in-house repair facility capable of fixing almost anything kite related from any brand. Please see our list of services below. We pride ourselves on the value and quality of our work, and speed of turn around. We can also make up replacement parts which are often cheaper and stronger than from the manufacturer.

Canopy repairs -
Clean and subtle canopy repairs using colour matched (where possible) high quality UV resistant ripstop. Using methods we developed ourselves, we can get perfect alignment, insuring that the kite flies as good as new.

Leading edge and strut repairs -
More technical repairs to structural areas of the kite often require unpicking of the leading edge and strut tubes. Small scuffs, seam bulges or full on blowouts, we have a lot of experience in fixing it. Again we colour match as best as possible, and use high quality Dacron, and UV resistant thread.

Bladder repairs -
From slow leaks, to fist sized blow outs, we can sort it. If it's beyond economical repair and replacements are needed, these can be sourced, refitted and tested.

Valve replacement -
Leaky or delaminating valves can be replaced very sucessfully, we can source nearly any valve type and get it back on as good as new.

Flying line resleeving -
If your sleeving has worn through or you have snapped lines we can resleeve them and give them the same sewn finish you would expect from the factory. We can also shorten bar and line sets to any length, and build extensions, with loop or knot terminations.

Replacement bridle parts -
We can splice and sew dyneema to make any length of replacement bridle line. We use higher spec material than most manufaturers use from the factory meaning these consumable parts require less regular replacement.

Kite servicing -
Too busy to do it yourself? Drop it off with us. Testing and if necessary replacing canopies, bladders, bridles and pulleys.

Prices -
Repairs vary in cost dependant on how time consuming they are, so contact us for a quote on or call 07551 207483. Emailing a photo is a good start.

As an example, full canopy repairs usually cost between £30 and £50 dependant on how straight they are, whether the tear necessitates opening the leading edge and other factors which may or may not take more time.

Fully insured shipping can be arranged for return of your kite.

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