The new Mr F is the answer to the start of your kitesurfing career. Simple linear power development, a wide wind range and rock solid stability will get you up and going quickly and progressing fast. We have used a completely new 3D design technique on the leading edge to give this kite many advantages over its rivals.


Simple relaunch - double concave leading edge means less suction on the water and super simple one line relaunch.

High Depower - The Mr F's very aerodynamic focused design means its top end is massive, and an extended depower range can be achieved with the standard bar throw.

Responsive bar feedback - a medium bar pressure means you know exactly where the kite is and can concentrate on your riding, rather than watching the kite. This is highly important as your kitesurfing skills develop.

Improved low end - The Mr F has been reworked in the larger sizes to provide a better low end, whilst maintaining the fun and direct nature of the kite.

Technical Features:

Perfect Round Arc shape LE - The leading edge is made from minimal segments and is completely rounded which is achieved with clever cutting methods. This makes it lighter, stiffer, more robust and FAR more aerodynamic.

Single point inflation
- a proven external, easy to maintain system.

High end manufacturing - Double taped seams, Kevlar reinforcement, the best available canopy fabric and new stiffer dacron all build an extremely robust kite, designed to last. A stitched in graphic design saves on added weight that a screen print would cause.

Simple 4 line setup - For simplicity and safety. The 4 line system combined with a simple bridle supports the leading edge during gusts and agressive steering, making for an extremely stable air frame. It provides instant kill and aids relaunch.

Two turning speed options - With two wing tip hang points, you can slow the kite down to make it more suitable for park and pop wakestyle.

Sizes / Prices (TBC):


Compatible with JN Master's Craft bar system

Sarah Sylvester JN Prima Donna 5