Circle One are a long establised surf company based near us in Devon who make an excellent range of kite surfboards shaped by Jeff Townsley.

These boards work extremely well in UK conditions, where it's not always pefect sideshore and a bit of bouyancy can really help you get the most out of the wave.

When it comes to kiteboard construction, the materials and processes Circle One use are state of the art.

The boards have a strong but lightweight epoxy construction, and all utilise innovative 'Bamboo Laminate Technology' together with PVC 'DV Cell' reinforcement for a super-tough deck.

The result is a product of exceptional strength to weight ratio. Available in striking custom graphics or stunning clear bamboo finish. 4 shapes for 2012 :

5'6" Swallow tail Quad fin,
5'8" Round Pin tail,
6' Diamond tail and
6'3" Swallow tail


EPS High Density Pressurised Core
Innovative 'Bamboo Laminate Technology' sandwich construction
Extra PVC 'DV Cell' reinforcement on deck
CrosslinkTM reinforcement material with multi-layers of European fibre-glass
Premium European epoxy resin throughout
Unidirectional full length wood stringer for strength and controlled flex
Exceptional Strength to Weight ratio
Super-tough 'SurfinZ 'fins and finbox units
Gloss Lacquer Finish
Range of deck graphics
Hand finished to C1 exacting standards

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We have demo boards available in both Kent and South Devon.

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